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We are service oriented company with focus on two directions - we have to fulfill requirements of our suppliers which we represent in our countries and also to satisfy need of our local customers. 


Focus on Suppliers:

Our sales people have long experience in our markets and know personaly majority of industrial producers here. We are specialising in technically advanced products and are able to promote to our customers new technical inovations and special products. We have warehouses in all three Baltic countries and are able to organize continuous deliveries to our local customers with lowest transportation costs. Our good relations with our customers and ability to offer best solution for them allows us to get newest information from the market about new developments and to be between top three suppliers in the area where we are active.


Focus on Customer:

Our package of technically advanced products and world leading suppliers in every field of our activities allows us to offer to the customers most efficient solutions and technical help. We are  organizing continuous deliveries from our warehouses or direct shipments from producers with lowest transportation costs what helps to our customers to be competitve. Our sales assistants are ready to solve all urgent inquiries of our customers.



Our Senior Field Support Hardware/Software Engineer:

Tomas Rinkevicius


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